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Avraham Solomon
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Avraham Solomon's musical career started at a very young age with the Miami Boys Choir. He was a star soloist and is featured on several MBC albums including Torah Today, Miami Experience 1 and later on as an adult at the Miami Experience 5 concert in Nassau Coliseum performing in front of 15,000 fans. Avraham got involved in vocal performance with Jewish orchestras shortly after high school where he performed Jewish wedding music with a variety of  orchestras and bands on the east coast including: Neginah Orchestra, Steven Scott, Aish Orchestras and Singers, Barock Orchestra, and many others.

During this time  he also evolved musically and vocally by joining  Jewish A capella groups such as Kol Zimra  and Harmonia entertaining at bar mitzvahs , bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, shul dinners and other events. Kol Zimra enjoyed working with Avraham  and asked  that he be featured on their first album: Kulanu Beyachad. Avraham's  musical repertoire  also includes cantorial experience for the High Holidays as well as piano. Currently residing in Houston, TX with his wife Leah and 5 children, Avraham performs all kinds of affairs both vocally and as a one-man-band or Jewish Orchestra. If you would like to contact to enhance the music and atmosphere of your next affair call him at 832-303-1565 or email him: Currently available to perform in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas including: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin ,El Paso and Plano. is also  for bookings available nationwide including: Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Kansas city, Denver, New York and more!

Avraham Solomon

Houston, TX
832-303-1KOL (1565)