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Avraham Solomon
 Be Your Own DJ
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Thinking about being your own DJ to save a couple of dollars?

Here are some things to consider when attempting it:

You can try using an ipod with a list of songs downloaded.

There is also software you can purchase to make your computer into a
virtual DJ.

There are also video tutorials and tips on for
how to be a Disc Jockey.

Although it may seem simple being an excellent DJ takes work, experience and the right equipment.

Here are some
beginner tips on the right equipment to be a DJ.

Remember the music is only as good as the sound system you are using. Don't skimp on equipment.

Being a DJ means that you understand when to play the right songs and you know when people are ready

to get on the dance floor. Play the wrong song and you can really upset the flow of the event.

There is a reason why people hire a professional DJ and usually it's because they have a great song selection

and really know how to work the crowd and get them dancing.

DJ V.S. Live Music

Many people prefer live music over a DJ for a variety of reasons:

1) Sound- For many there is nothing like listening to a live piano player singing the song of your choice:
much more emotion and expression then the "canned" sound of a DJ.

2) Price-A professional DJ can cost more than hiring a one-man-band.

3) Classy Factor- Most people seem to think a real live musician playing your songs is a much classier look.

4) Songs- Have a song that's hard to find or there is no good recording of it?